Naoussa Port
If Paros by itself, is not enough motivation to visit the island, Naoussa port should be! It is safe to say, that this is one of the most famous attractions in Cycladic complex. A small and unique place, where traditional fishing boats called caique, dock between fishing trips. Naoussa has one of the biggest traditional fishing fleets in Greece. From here, our local taverns and restaurants are supplied with goods of Aegean Sea. The amazing fact in Naoussa port is that in some spots, you can enjoy delicious dishes or exotic cocktails, just one meter away from the fishing boats and the sea.
The Venetian fortress at the entrance of the port stands out and it’s a famous attraction of Paros. It’s accessible only when the winds are calm, because the narrow passage is exposed to the sea on the north side. You should take few pictures of the fortress during the sunset, as the sun is disappearing behind it.
Naoussa port is the center of the night life of the coastal village. Most of the restaurants and taverns, as well as bars, are situated here. Also from here, near the small bridge, you can take caique boat, modified for passengers, towards famous beaches like Kolymbithres or Monastiri.
Naoussa port is a very charming place. Therefore, you should visit it both during the day, when the white buildings, the blue sea and colourful caiques compose a memorable scenery and during the evening, when the lights add a romantic atmosphere.

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Naoussa 844 01, Paros Island, Greece


(0030) 22840 51211 & (0030) 22840 51409